We spent our last morning in Ubud at the Yoga Barn for our first yoga lesson (unless you can count the times I’ve copied positions from YouTube in my bedroom?) which was amazing. Despite my inflexibility and tight hamstrings - which meant I had to ‘adapt’ some of the movements - I really enjoyed myself and would love to do it regularly once I’m home!

Our next stop was to another part of the island, Seminyak. Even though our current accommodation is only a ten minute drive from where we were staying it Kuta, it feels like a totally different part of Bali. The beaches are less crowded and less littered, there is a huge choice of interesting restaurants and actual fashion stores outnumber the market stalls selling fakes (although there are still plenty and I am guilty of purchasing a pair of sunglasses that are Victoria Beckham knock-offs for £2.80.)

We spent our first day wandering around the shops, followed by a couple of hours on the beach whilst the sun set, then in the evening we ate at a horror themed restaurant called Frankenstein’s Laboratory where we shared a (disgusting) pizza, drank cocktails from an IV bag and watched a bunch of Asians dressed up as zombies dance to songs like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Madonna’s Like A Virgin (??)

I love Bali.