Today was our first day of cycling. Our plan is to start in Cha Am (avoiding Bangkok) and head south towards Krabi for three weeks. We’re aiming for 30km a day - neither of us would use the word ‘athletic’ to describe ourselves so we’re just going to take it slow and see where we end up.

As we were making final preparations (Will was pumping up the tyres, I was sat on the kerb, watching, eating a Kit Kat Chunky) a Thai man sparked up conversation with us and asked us where we were heading. He very kindly invited us back to his home, gave us free pineapple and collected his own bike to show us a good route. He cycled alongside us for most of the way and I had to try very hard to keep up with him! By the end of the day we were both exhausted from the long distance in the sun - I managed to escape burning, except from a pink nose, but Will ended up looking like he was still wearing a vest when he was topless.