Kathmandu is a very vibrant city, the streets are filled to full capacity with pedestrians, sounds and smells - the smells of incense and spices being a welcome change to Thailand’s disgusting cocktail of sewage, fish and vomit. Drivers here beep their horns relentlessly, from early morning until late at night: at pedestrians in their way, pedestrians not in their way, at traffic, at empty spaces, at ANYTHING. Thankfully, the hotel we moved to after a couple of days is a little further back from the street!

Our first few days in Nepal were met with thunderstorms, meaning we’ve ducked and dived between restaurants to escape the rain, had time to study our trekking route and spent a lot of time in our rooms - I’m becoming a master at the few games downloaded onto my iPad - but when the sun is out, the Himalayas come into view at the colours appear even brighter!