Today we went on a tour to see the Underground River, the site is supposed to be “one of the new seven wonders of the world” and we were looking forward to seeing some natural beauty. The minibus picked us up at 6.30am and arrived at Sabang four hours later, after stopping off at the permit office to “make a personal appearance” which meant standing in a small room with around sixty other clueless people and their guides. When we asked our guide what was going on and where we were supposed to queue, we were asked to “cooperate” which I can only assume means “wait, I don’t really know what’s going on even though I do this every day as a career.” Once at our destination, we were asked again to “cooperate” for a few more hours until it was our turn to get on a boat to take us to the opening of the caves (from there you get into another boat and someone paddles on the back down the river.) All in all, we waited nine hours to see the underground river, and although it was interesting, lots of things could have been improved: we could have been picked up at midday and still seen the river at the same time and we could have been given a better functioning lamp to see inside the pitch black cave? Will and I had the pleasure of sitting at the back of the boat, which meant we heard our paddler’s voice at a booming volume with his incredible wisdom about the cave: for instance, some of the natural rock formations look like (in his exact words) “half of a sexy lady … broken carrots … the Virgin Mary in a cage … an upside down chicken breast.” Unfortunately I haven’t got the photos to show these images as like I mentioned, the tiny lamp we were supplied didn’t illuminate them well enough.

Thankfully, Sabang (where the cave is situated) is really beautiful so even though I spent my day queuing, I was queuing - sorry, cooperating - with a view.