One of the hardest days of my life was followed by an equally horrible, nine hour bus journey from Jiri back to Kathmandu. On Saturday we set out to start our gruelling trek, but I wasn’t even half as prepared to do it as I had thought. My sickness had ravaged my body and I was far too weak to go through with what we’d planned, so I made the decision to quit - which of course was disappointing for me, but devastating for Will. It was with a heavy heart that I let him down, but ultimately, I had to consider my (our) health, neither of us was up to the challenge, and at the rate we had been walking for those three attempted hours, we wouldn’t have reached our end goal in the time we had!

On the Sunday, we endured the rickety and loud (Nepali music is terrible) mini bus journey full of obnoxious men - one of which ended up stealing one of our jackets! So all in all, I would like to say a massive FUCK YOU to Nepal, thanks for spoiling our budget and giving us giardiasis!