Pattaya was as full of dirty old perverts as we had expected, our guest house was in a particularly shady looking street with lots of Thai women (or men?) getting ready for the next customer at all hours of the day outside of their ‘massage’ parlours. Unfortunately, we hadn’t realised that we would be spending our Valentine’s Day amongst these men and their young, supple counterparts, but since Pattaya was such a popular (sex) tourism destination, we had a good choice of restaurants!

Our Valentine’s Day was spent at a water park in which we had a scary zip lining experience from a nearby skyscraper (video: williamuglow.tumblr.com) followed by a confusing and stressful Thai/Polish/English ‘Escape the Room’ type game. In the evening, we had some amazing Mexican food, too many margaritas (three) and we ended the night in typical style, with Will holding back my hair as I vomited and tickling my back until I stopped drunkenly sobbing and fell asleep (before midnight.)