Our three weeks in the Philippines has come to an end. I really enjoyed parts of the country, El Nido was my favourite, but it did feel like we were waiting around in Manila lot for our next excursion as we didn’t plans anything ahead (we chose to go as it was the cheapest place from Bali - a last minute decision when we changed our plans to leave Nepal early) and I was disappointed with the variety of food so we ate so much McDonalds!!

We’re back in Thailand after a day of travelling on various modes of transport and have arrived at a beachside resort with a pool (and a really nice breakfast included) so we’re feeling like flashpackers rather than backpackers, even though it’s still cheap at £11 a night! Will has had the Thai green curry he’s been craving and I’ve had some much needed vegetables courtesy of a Caesar salad, not a typical Thai meal I admit. We have a few days of tanning time before my dad and my little sister come out for their holiday, I’m can’t wait to see them but anxious at the same time as their coming marks the month countdown to our flight home!