In the same fashion as before, we woke up at a ridiculous time in the morning to visit another mountain, Mt. Bromo. Unlike our previous excursion, the jeep dropped us off a couple of hundred metres away from a lookout point so we didn’t need to trek. To be completely honest, I regret spending my time and money on the visit as the lookout is poorly designed (in a zig zag shape rather than a straight platform overlooking the mountain) and the sun didn’t rise behind Bromo, so the early start seemed unnecessary. Not to mention the obnoxious locals who stand - for the most part - with their backs to the mountain, blocking the view of everyone else, taking pictures of themselves.

At around 7am, the jeep took us to the bottom of Bromo, so that we could walk up some steps to the top of the mountain to take a look inside. The jeep parks as far away as physically possible from the bottom of the steps and before the jeep is stationary, men on feeble looking horses offer you a costly ride over to the other side. The landscape at the bottom was nice, but it was too organised and oppressive for us to fully enjoy it. Will got some nice photos though!