After three days of cycling an average of 35km, we arrived at Sam Roi Yot at a beach resort called Blue Beach. The beach itself was picturesque and almost untouched except for a couple of sun loungers dotted on the sands. However, this was a blessing and a curse, because yet again we found that we were part of a very small community who had bothered to visit this area of Thailand, and outcasts at that - as we seemed to be the only couple under fifty. We had booked two nights so we could have a rest day from cycling (which ended up being the first of many rest days) and spent our first day enjoying being by the sea again. Physical exhaustion kicked in, we both fell asleep on the beach and ended up a lovely shade of pink.

On day two, we hired out a moped and visited the National Park. We paid 200 baht each to climb (half way) up to a cave before realising that we were at a loss without our hiking boots and that Will’s shoes were one slip away from becoming a full peep toe. However, with determination (and careful footing) we climbed to a viewpoint which was really treacherous and had me questioning if I was ever going to see solid ground again. Afterwards, we visited a couple of temples and came across a gang of naughty monkeys causing trouble and stealing food.

In the afternoon, we made a ridiculous decision to visit Hua Hin - a town we had previously stopped off at, 100km in the opposite direction, so that we could have a Subway. The long, bum-numbing journey was well worth it - we were in desperate need of a binge after cycling so far. Earlier that day I had ordered an egg salad which had consisted more of warm salad cream than of anything else, then presented with a plate of eight bananas when I had asked for some pineapple, so I was very hungry (and full of bananas.) Our adventure was deemed a success - until the sun set as we were riding home, insects found their way into our eyes and mouths at a rapid speed, and we very nearly ran out of petrol. Still, the Subway was so good.

On day three at Sam Roi Yot, I was suffering my sixth day of intense chest pains and discomfort when swallowing (which I was strong enough to overcome the previous day when it came to my foot long sandwich) so we decided to take a trip to the hospital, which was back in Hua Hin, which meant another couple of hours on our rented out moped. In typical naive fashion, we set off, not expecting it to take all day - which it did, leaving us chasing the sunlight, determined not to have bugs for dinner again.