Wishlist: Jumpers

If money was no object, these babies would be welcomed into my life with open arms.  As I've mentioned before, my working wardrobe is lacking warm options and these jumpers would be the perfect if my payday wasn't so far away! JUMPERS WISHLIST

  1. ASOS WHITE Felted Jumper Midi Dress I can see this piece making my working day much more comfortable and warm!  It's such a statement piece that I think it'd look great with trainers, leather boots and pointed flats alike.
  2. Sportmax Code Pina Sweat In Sequin Leaf Print I'm a sucker for a detail on an otherwise basic item.  I have a fur fronted jumper which I wore all the time before I left for Asia (I've had to retire it until I buy a bobble-off to rejuvenate it!) and similarly, this sparkly number would jazz up any outfit without being too over the top.
  3. ASOS WHITE V Neck Jumper in Cashmere Finally, this cashmere v-necked jumper looks like a luxury staple to any wardrobe, and again, it looks like it would be soft and cosy!

Fashion Habits

I always fall into the same fashion habits: I rarely stray from the neutral colour palette of black, white, grey, and if I do choose to get something a bit different and kooky (like, stripes, ooh, or even a COLOUR) I tend to buy it in black too - I'm sure I'm not the only one! Recently I posted about the leopard print shoes from ASOS I've purchased and so far, so good, I am in love with them... only now I'm toying with the idea of getting them in black too!


There is almost a 99% chance that these will be a new addition to my wardrobe.  I think they look more expensive than they are (£45) as I don't think they'll look as patent when not under studio lights!  My leopard print pair are very comfortable and I think they're a good alternative to my pointed flats when it's wet outside.  Also, ASOS's premier service with next day delivery is just too tempting... AND it's my birthday this weekend!

Ripped Hem Jeans

This is my attempt of photographing my jeans against my clean, white bed as a background.  (for the record, my bed doesn't stay clean and fresh for long thanks to this little man):DSCF8427 So the point of this post was to talk about the rejuvenation of my Topshop "Mom" jeans by cutting and ripping the bottoms!  I've been after a pair with a ripped hem for a while and decided to alter these a little as I barely wear them. These will be a looser alternative to my usual high-waisted and super skinny jeans: I'm planning to pair them with my pointed, leopard print shoes to draw attention to the shorter length and rough edges.


Every week I download the new copy of LOOK onto my iPad and I'm influenced to buy at least one thing because I am too impulsive for my own good.  Last week these shoes from ASOS took my fancy (clicking the photo will take you straight to their page): leopard shoes

I'm a sucker for leopard print shoes come Autumn/Winter, I love that they can inject a bit of interest into my often monotonous choices of black jeans/jumpers when it starts to get colder.  I also can't resist shoes with a block heel or a pointed front - so the combination of these AND a leopard print were too hard to say no to.  I'm looking forward to styling these with my working wardrobe next week (fingers crossed they're comfortable!)

Adidas Superstar

These are my hero shoes of the summer.adidas logoadidas flatIt's no secret that Adidas trainers have had a popular year, everyone seems to be sporting a new pair of Stan Smiths or Superstars, and now I am too.  I actually set out to buy a different pair (the originals with black stripes) but my size was unavailable, luckily, the sales assistant suggested these instead and it was love at first sight. They're the perfect pair of comfy trainers to dress down an everyday outfit and are now on my feet most days.

Capsule: Working Wardrobe

work collectionThese are the pieces I've chosen to build my work outfit capsule.  I love the patterned and cropped, wide-legged trousers (second from top left) as they're very different from my usual choice of bottoms - more often than not I'll be wearing my black jeans.  Luckily, my workplace allows denim so I'll continue to wear mine with a shirt and pointed shoes.

Furry Sandals

furry sandals zara I've been asked for fashion advice by two friends on separate occasions recently about how I plan what to wear, what I shop for and where I do so.

For me, I tend to work from the feet upwards, I always seem to obsess over the most recent shoes I've bought and how they can rejuvenate existing looks.  My newest shoes title belongs to these furry black sandals from Zara - which you may recognise from my previous Wishlist post (I couldn't resist!  A pre-birthday present to me from me.)

Generally speaking, I tend to stick to the rule of wearing basic things that fit me well, but I do like to freshen things up with textures and these shoes are a perfect example of this.  Despite them being undeniably Summer-suited, the furry detailing gives them a subtle Autumnal feel, as if the fur will keep my feet warm as the temperature drops - I'll have to wait and see.  I'll wear them with both jeans and skirts with bare legs, but I think I'll stay away from pairing them with tights at the risk of impersonating animal-esque fancy dress.

Working Wardrobe

As I type this, I am sitting (lounging, almost horizontally) in a fleece covered in dog hair and a pair leggings that I spilled my breakfast on this morning. Chic. In a few days I will start my new job and I'm looking forward to wearing nice things and not just defaulting to pyjamas/dog walking clothes.  I thought I'd share a couple of things I've bought recently to update my wardrobe to make it more appropriate for the workplace, on a post-traveller's budget.

bag and shoes

  1. City Bag with Metal Hinge Handbag, ASOS, £19.50
  2. Block Heel Pointed Flats, New Look, £19.99

By spending £40 I think I've found a good duo to spruce up my outfits. I chose this bag because of its structured shape and its front pouch fits my iPad mini perfectly.  I like having the option to wear it over the shoulder although I prefer holding it by my side by the handles. Previous to owning these shoes, I didn't own any flats apart from ankle boots and had been hunting for the perfect pair for a while.  Whilst these may not be exactly what I had in mind, they are comfortable enough, nicely pointed at the front and the block heel is very flattering.


bday wishlist With just over two weeks till my birthday, it seemed only appropriate to post a bunch of things I've been lusting over (just on the off chance that someone with too much money should stumble upon this and feel a wave of generosity)

The furry Zara sandals get an honourable mention because despite the impending season of Autumn and their impracticality, they resemble my slippers and I think that can only be a good thing.