Working Wardrobe

As I type this, I am sitting (lounging, almost horizontally) in a fleece covered in dog hair and a pair leggings that I spilled my breakfast on this morning. Chic. In a few days I will start my new job and I'm looking forward to wearing nice things and not just defaulting to pyjamas/dog walking clothes.  I thought I'd share a couple of things I've bought recently to update my wardrobe to make it more appropriate for the workplace, on a post-traveller's budget.

bag and shoes

  1. City Bag with Metal Hinge Handbag, ASOS, £19.50
  2. Block Heel Pointed Flats, New Look, £19.99

By spending £40 I think I've found a good duo to spruce up my outfits. I chose this bag because of its structured shape and its front pouch fits my iPad mini perfectly.  I like having the option to wear it over the shoulder although I prefer holding it by my side by the handles. Previous to owning these shoes, I didn't own any flats apart from ankle boots and had been hunting for the perfect pair for a while.  Whilst these may not be exactly what I had in mind, they are comfortable enough, nicely pointed at the front and the block heel is very flattering.