Furry Sandals

furry sandals zara I've been asked for fashion advice by two friends on separate occasions recently about how I plan what to wear, what I shop for and where I do so.

For me, I tend to work from the feet upwards, I always seem to obsess over the most recent shoes I've bought and how they can rejuvenate existing looks.  My newest shoes title belongs to these furry black sandals from Zara - which you may recognise from my previous Wishlist post (I couldn't resist!  A pre-birthday present to me from me.)

Generally speaking, I tend to stick to the rule of wearing basic things that fit me well, but I do like to freshen things up with textures and these shoes are a perfect example of this.  Despite them being undeniably Summer-suited, the furry detailing gives them a subtle Autumnal feel, as if the fur will keep my feet warm as the temperature drops - I'll have to wait and see.  I'll wear them with both jeans and skirts with bare legs, but I think I'll stay away from pairing them with tights at the risk of impersonating animal-esque fancy dress.