DSCF6666My boyfriend and I recently took a six month long trip around South East Asia.  I felt like it was essential for my clarity of mind: I needed a detox from life. There is one moment I will always remember when I felt total tranquility and peace: we were bobbing around by the shore of a remote island in El Nido, The Philippines, waiting for our boat trip’s guide to prepare our lunch of barbecued fish. The sky was bright, the sun was scorching hot on my face but the clear, turquoise water was cool and all that could be seen for miles, when I finally thought, “this is it, happiness shouldn’t be hard to obtain.”

I’m not saying that this scene is my only ideal of happiness, but I had such a feeling of ecstasy, carelessly floating on the waves with my love in a beautiful country that it felt alien to me. I hadn’t felt that peace of mind in such a long time.  It was a pinnacle moment for me because I remember not only feeling completely content and not wanting to leave, but that when the time came to get back to normal life, I would be ready, that I was strong willed, capable of living a happy life and that I wouldn’t let the last year of stress define me.

(I kept a blog whilst I was away, go to to see more)